Britney’s Slumber Party

Queen of Pop, Britney Spears has rebooted her single ‘Slumber Party’ with a feature from R&B Princess, Tinashe. The single is the second to be released from Britney’s 9th Studio album titled ‘Glory’.  Britney’s previous single ‘Make Me‘ failed to make a huge impact on the charts despite  heavy promotion, including a performance at the Video Music Awards. Fans blamed the poor chart performance of ‘Make Me‘ on a cringe worthy and simple looking music video. Fans were also disappointed with the amount of product placement that was included in the video which included products from Sony and BMW.

It appears that Britney has learned from the mistakes that she made with ‘Make Me’ and has come back with a supercharged video for ‘Slumber Party‘. With sultry glares, multiple costume changes and completely unnecessary bubble machines it looks like Britney has pulled every trick out of the hat to try and boost sales and regain some prominence in the charts.

The inclusion of the R&B sensation Tinashe is an obvious attempt to try and appeal to a younger audience. However, their voices blend well together and Tinashe does not look out of place in the music video.

Despite Britney’s efforts, ‘Slumber Party‘ peaked at number 73 in the UK single charts and number 86 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Britney is currently signed into a 2 year residency at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas where she is reportedly paid $15 million per year. Britney is yet to confirm what her third single release will be from her album ‘Glory‘.


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