Which Diva has the best Christmas Music Video?

With Christmas day 1 month away, the festive season is well underway. At this time of year there are usually countdowns of the best Christmas songs. This year I’ve taken a closer look at the music videos behind our most loved Christmas anthems from our favourite Diva’s.  I’ve compiled a list of their best pop Christmas music videos to get you in the festive mood.

All I Want For Christmas – Mariah Carey

The ultimate Christmas diva, Mariah Carey wrote, co-produced and first released this song in 1993. In 2015 Spotify announced that this was officially the most streamed Christmas song ever. The song has already risen into the top 50 songs on Spotify and will likely rise to the top 10 as we get closer to Christmas. The music video for All I want for Christmas is less famous than the song itself, but certainly doesn’t fail to impress. Mariah sets the bar high for Christmas music videos by dressing her dogs up as reindeer, having a photo shoot with actual reindeer, and invading Santa’s personal space on a ski slope.

 Santa Tell me – Ariana Grande

Perhaps not so popular with the older generations, (my mum thought that Ariana Grande was a Starbucks drink), this song has proved to be a huge hit with teens. With Mariah-esque vocals and lots of festive cheer, Santa Tell Me does not disappoint. Plenty of onesies are featured, along with furry headgear and stairway choreography as Ariana questions whether her Christmas crush will be with her till the following Christmas – clingy much? An outtakes reel is included at the end of the video that goes well with the lighthearted video.

Underneath the Tree – Kelly Clarkson

The original American Idol, decided to release a Christmas album in 2014, because, why not? The official music video for Underneath the Tree is a filming of a live performance which really encapsulates the festive vibe. A full orchestra in the background combined with an artificial blizzard helps to cement Underneath The Tree in my list of top Christmas Music videos.

One More Sleep – Leona Lewis

X Factor champion and vocal powerhouse, Leona Lewis released her Christmas anthem, One More Sleep back in 2014. The song is a festive bonanza countdown to Leona’s favourite day of the year. With an appearance from Father Christmas, a full Christmas dinner and plenty of idle glares out of her chalet window- a whole lot of Christmas is crammed into the video.


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