LUK’s Movement


Welsh solo artist LUK has released his debut single, ‘Movement’. LUK is from the South Wales Valleys and has developed a unique electro pop sound. Having recently been signed to new management,  I sat down with him to find out what the track is about and what his plans are for the future. He also talked about his thoughts on the music industry and how it’s difficult to find authenticity.


Photograph owned and approved by Luk.

What are you listening to at the moment?

The Weeknd, ‘Secrets‘. The production is really good, it makes me feel relaxed.

Who would you like to collaborate with?

Hot Natured. They are an electronic dance act. I love their signature sound and the themes of their songs. They produce material that I aspire to replicate.

Any ideas for a music video for ‘Movement’?

Yes. I would love to film it in the hallways of a tower block. When I think of ‘Movement’ I think of a Nike or Adidas advert with obviously lots of music. At the same time, the whole Tropicana 80’s vibe that you can see in Zara Larson’s ‘Lush Life’ video would definitely be an option if I had the budget.

Being a singer and a songwriter, do you think that there is enough authenticity in pop music?

I feel like pop is as progressive as you want it to be. You can always find someone that’s new and exciting but you can also find familiarity and accessibility in artists that are more brazenly represented, such as your Britney Spears’ etc. I do think that a lot of what is shoved down our throats isn’t an ideal representation of pop music as a whole. If you look for authenticity you can find it.

What’s next for you?

I’m heading back to the studio in January to record an E.P. Included in this E.P will be my track ‘Movement’. I’m super super super dooper excited for that. My first official single under new management will arrive in the spring. What’s next is in the hands of fate I guess.

It’s the time of year when Christmas anthems are blasting on the radio, do any of these get on your nerves?

Everyone loves a good Christmas sing song , but a month is probably enough.

Do you love Honey G from The X Factor?

When she says ‘honey’ wherever i am, whatever i’m doing – I will answer her.


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